Keep organized at work!

I have been doing a lot of traveling-YAY! The downside is that it leaves me pretty swamped at work. I am an internal consultant and I manage all my projects with very little supervision and almost no strict deadlines from my boss. I have around 7 projects at once, which means I really need to stay on top of things!

I know a lot of people use to-do lists. I have never liked the writing and rewriting and rewriting of lists. This is also not visual enough. I like having a visual cue of what I am working on, what should be prioritized and what has a deadline. A few months ago I started using a Kanban board.

Here is my board: My KanBan Boardwpid-img_20140219_164704

My categories are “To-Do”, “In Progress”, “Waiting For”, “Delegated/Follow-up” and the best- “Done”! Each project is color coded by the sticky note. I keep a board off to the right of what project is what color in case I forget. It takes a lot of sticky notes, but its easy to write them, move them around, prioritize and follow. I can glance and see what I am working on, and what needs to have my most attention. The waiting for category is helpful so that I don’t let anything fall through the cracks.

I highly suggest a kanban board! Let me know if you try it out!



4 thoughts on “Keep organized at work!

  1. I love big visuals like this. I use to huge a large whiteboard when I was recruiting people as an HR assistant. I could see exactly where I was in the process for +20 job postings. Some of the managers starting using it too, which meant they asked me less questions which saved us all time.

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